Paul Miser is a global voice in the digital transformation of business Models, brand communications, and Experience Design.

Paul Miser is a globally-recognized, award-winning digital brand leader focused on providing the tools and expertise to deliver world-class Brand Experience strategies. He is a leading thinker and advisor dedicated to bringing ideas to life for his clients. Miser has worked across the business ecosystem of startups, non profits, corporations and Fortune 10 brands. His innovative approach to program activation has delivered success and garnered recognition from the industry, clients, partners, and the press.

Currently, Miser is CEO, Founder of the Chinatown Bureau, a NYC-based digital consultancy that collaborates with their partners to overcome business challenges through rapid digital transformation and practices. His focus is creating a culture of rapid problem solving while maintaining a position on the future evolution of their client brands.

Prior to founding Chinatown Bureau, Miser spent almost 5 years at Hudson Rouge leading the innovative digital, mobile, and marketing platforms and experiences to support the rebranding efforts of the Lincoln Motor Company. His focus and philosophy was driving client personalization and branded digital consumer experiences that are solely focused on the client interaction with the brand. This can be seen in several award-winning campaigns like Hello, Again Beck 360; Lincoln’s Music Selfie Experiment; Aloe Blacc’s Music Uncovered Interactive Video; and many vehicle launch campaigns.

Prior to Hudson Rouge, Miser’s first decade in the industry was focused around social, mobile, and innovation strategy working with great clients like Colgate-Palmolive, Tom’s of Maine, Xerox, LG, and Hershey’s. He also started and developed a successful marketing strategy startup in Southern California dedicated to delivering digital and social media strategies for small- to mid-sized companies looking to expand their voice and digital foot print across the ever-expanding digital landscape.

Miser is a frequent industry speaker focused on delivering industry leading case studies and the infrastructure that has brought them to life.



World Class Aficionado

Leadership is an output of building a team around a common vision, developing a culture and structure around that vision, and continuously evolving the organizational structure and processes to drive innovation and business development. 

  • Vision Setting
  • Organizational Culture Development
  • Organizational Transformation
  • Organizational Structure
  • Business Model Generation 

Curiously Solving Problems

Innovation is ultimately a different way of thinking; continuing to redefine and solve the same problem. Innovation starts at the very basic levels of the organization, then moves to an incremental level where surprise and delights happen, then finally end somewhere around the moon with moonshot ideas and opportunities.

  • Problem Framing and Definition
  • Innovation Workshops
  • Innovation Planning
  • Innovation Strategy 

Brand Experience Design

The evolution of consumer experiences is Brand Experience Design, a practice where all interactions between a brand and its consumer is designed to satisfy the brand's promise across all channels creating a personal relationship with each consumer. 

  • BXD Strategy
  • BXD Roadmapping
  • Service Design 
  • Consumer Experiences Strategy and Approach

Natively “Digital”

A daringly ubiquitous term "digital" creates a tremendous amount of thoughts, concerns, and opportunity. Everything around us is now digital, each action has a bit behind it; knowing how to leverage it is the power for the future. 

  • Digital and Platform Strategy
  • Digital Leadership and Coaching
  • Digital Planning