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Paul Miser creates an environment of excitement, engagement, education, and humor when asked to speak at trade organizations, companies, conferences, and educational expos. Talking about topics ranging from Brand Experience Design, social media strategy, and innovative explorations to convergence of media and lifestyle branding, Miser can engage every audience from the 30,000 foot view to superb tactics that hit you in the face and can be implemented immediately.


Key Speaking Topics

Brand Experience Design: Living your brand's promise at every interaction. 

Outcome: Building off key trends in the marketplace, the audience will leave understanding the importance of a Brand Experience Design Strategy that will completely illustrate and act on a brand's promise at every touch point with each individual consumer. The audience will gather the necessary insights and tools from industry leading case studies, best practices, and five steps to developing and implementing a Brand Experience Design. 


The Omniscient Brand: How to act in a world of all-knowing and ever-presence. 

Outcome: Preparing for the future, the audience will leave with intimate knowledge of what will come when brands, data, and connected consumers finally work as one. While illustrating key market trends, the future state of connectivity and industry leading case studies for data application, the audience will acquire the insights and tools necessary to know how to act and interact when their brand becomes Omniscient. 


Brands Converged: How disruption happens and how to embrace it.

Outcome: As we live in the age of disruption, the audience will get a complete understanding of how disruption happens to major industries, the tools "disruptors" are using and how to become proactive in developing their own disruption platforms. Diving deep into disruption case studies, the audience will gain intimate insight into a disruptor mindset, how to develop that mindset, and how to create organizational change to embrace the trends and unmet needs that drives disruption.









1. INDUSTRY-LEADING CONTENT: A distinct combination of proven ideas and future thinking theory, Miser delivers messages that are not only actionable, but thought provoking.

2. CONTAGIOUS PASSION & ENTHUSIASM: Miser delivers every message in a way that builds excitement in the room. Whether it's an innovation workshop or a keynote presentation, Miser builds off his burning desire to change the industry to deliver messages that resonate.

3. POST PRESENTATION CONTENT: The content that is presented is only the beginning of the learning experience. Being active in thought leadership, audiences will be able to continue their journey with more engaging content. 

4. COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT AND PARTICIPATION: There is nothing better than open transparency and lines of communication. Miser makes himself available to participate in any active community's surrounding the organization or event. 

5. GROUP ORGANIZATION AND LEADERSHIP: Miser is an expert facilitator or organizations and workshops. From driving innovation or identifying and solving a problem, Miser can lead group think towards a specific outcome across all levels of an organization. 


Prior Speaking Partnerships