Do you Retrofit your Strategy?

With the hundreds of strategy sessions I’ve been involved in, it amazes me the number of times when retrofitting a strategy to tactics actually takes place. Having a desired allocation of tactics and trying to piece mail a strategy to verify the tactics is the first step towards oblivion. Luckily, you have me here to tell you what to do if this happens.

If you should ever come across retrofitting in your strategy sessions, be sure to perform the following tasks…IMMEDIATELY!

1.    STOP 2.    Throw all aforementioned tactics in the trash (after all, they probably have been grandfathered in and have no relevance in today’s communication structures) 3.    Kick anyone who brought tactics out of the meeting 4.    Ask if anyone has thought about the consumer and their needs, wants or desires (after all, in the world of information overload in which we live, a simple Google search will lead you in the right direction) 5.    Go gather info about your customer (not as a whole, but as individuals)

Whew… now with all that out of the way, you can safely start strategizing. Understanding the consumer and what value you are offering, whether you’re solving a problem or just giving them something to brag about… you can now make decisions based on clarity, rationale, understanding, and the affinity path.

Retrofitting, while cool for sunglasses, high tops, and slap bracelets, is not cool for strategy.

Sweet Rocker Dude Pic courtesy of Flickr - greggoconnell