Learn and Grow

While on a panel about “Time” at the NYU Graduate Marketing Association Conference on Friday, one of the questions asked was "What technology are marketers underutilizing right now?" With the plethora of answers at my fingertips, a thought popped in my head that I think, needs a bit of exploration… My answer? Not necessarily a technology but more of a rough idea or underpinning thought...

The idea of “convergence” or “integration.”

As marketers, we continue to discuss tactics and strategies as it relates to the silos that we manage (what’s my digital strategy, what am I going to do on Facebook, is my TVC on brand, etc). By thinking this way, we are limiting our creativity and missing huge opportunities to converge, learn and grow with our consumers. While social and mobile communications continue to emerge and natural enhancements to traditional communications elevate in the marketplace, there will be a tremendous amount of focus and energy put towards the “conversation” or interaction with the consumer.

While this happens, we must figure out away to create conversations that not only happen in “real time” but also conversations that learn and grow.  Having disparate conversations in silos we are losing the opportunity to continue relationships and increase chances of consumers dropping off or becoming confused over time.

The opportunity and technology is here to connect conversations that grow over time; relationships that spawn into amazing assets; and advocates that will shout from the mountain tops. As strategists we can now begin to take a holistic view of our communication strategies to form a managed asset of relationships.