Braindropping: Value Add Content

What if I told you that almost 2/3's of all internet users in the US purchase intangible goods (bits, data, code... nothing more)? Well, according to the recent Pew Reseach, they state that over 65% of online users have purchased the intangible... Content; almost as much ecommerce for goods and services. Mindblowing! As marketers, this opens up many doors. Not only does it open up a new revenue stream, but it allows us to add more value to our service or good offering; two of which are worth thinking about:

  1. We can better identify with our consumer by producing the content they are looking for and providing it as exclusive for the brand community
  2. We can partner with content creators and embed relevant, timely messages within the content for enhanced communications with a multiplied value add.

So now we have to think... How can we provide, create, distribute, and communicate the value added  "Intangible" all while we drive sales with the "Tangible" product or service which we produce?

Time to change our thinking about content once again.

How else should we look at content?