Collision of Digital and Physical

Looking at the Physical Reality in which we all live, we can see some events where digital events begin to affect. With the influx of mobile computing and connectivity, wi-fi capabilities, and social networking sites, we are becoming more and more connected through our physical life by our digital connections. As with the variance of each of our physical realities, so is the use and role digital capabilities play in those lives. With all the different roles digital may play in our lives, they can really be grouped into two strategic uses to fulfill the activities happening in our physical lifestyle. Empower Physical Reality: These activities help us navigate more easily through certain events in our life. Where to buy dog food, get around a traffic jam, check the score on the game when shopping with your significant girlfriend, find a toilet close by, get restaurant reservations, find the lowest price on a product, get coupons when shopping, etc. These digital capabilities give us the power to perform mundane tasks easier.

Enhance Physical Reality: These activities help us enhance the things we like to do or the different experiences that we encounter. Having content and information at our fingertips and in our pockets allows us to connect with our family, friends, mentors, colleagues, etc. when we want, where we want, during real time experiences. It gives us the opportunity to build relationships and share experiences with friends. Imagine not being able to make it back for your kid’s birthday party… Now with digital technologies like Skype and Qik, you can participate in the experience without physically being there. Imagine traveling to a foreign country and you don’t know how to check into a hotel, the combination of mobile and digital technologies can empower you to speak conversationally to the native speaker.

Digital technologies are quickly changing the way we live; the way we approach life. It gives us power and strength that we have never had before. It makes us smarter, stronger, and more powerful; almost super human.

The Collision: Physical & Digital Reality