Physical Reality

Physical reality really needs no explanation. We all live it every day. It’s our daily lifestyle or routines, like grocery shopping, running errands, eating, etc. It’s also our exciting events like holidays, birthdays, parties, gatherings, ball games, etc. We all lead very different, very distinct lifestyles, as such; we all have a very different physical reality, one that we hold near and dear to our hearts or one that we desperately want to change. Either way, this reality is something that can cause many emotions; satisfaction, boredom, joy, excitement, frustration, etc. and has many implications to how we go about our days and how we set goals for our lives.

Our physical reality encapsulates two different types of activities:

Things we must do: This includes the daily errands, going to work to earn a living, shopping for groceries to have food to survive, shopping with a significant other while the big game is on, paying bills, etc. We do these to keep up our life and to keep moving forward. These activities can become annoying or frustrating if we don’t enjoy them. We can easily get irritated by little things when participating in some of these activities.

Things we want to do: This is the real reason for living. These activities include ball games, little league games, parties, family gatherings (even though some might put this in “Things we must do”), concerts, travel, restoring old cars, play guitar, etc. These typically are our passions or hobbies. We never want these activities to end and we want to remember them for the rest of our lives. These are the moments we talk about with friends and say “Man, you should’ve been there.” These moments, we look back on and cherish the time we had on this earth.

Our physical reality is a combination of our activities, interests, connections, emotions, people, hobbies, places, and things. We are all very different and have very distinct lifestyles. This fact alone makes it ludicrous that marketers continue to mass advertise and segment on a level above the individual.