Convergence for a Better World

Earlier this week I had the pleasure meeting a lot of interesting people, sit in on a lot of interesting conversations, and watch a lot of interesting "forward thinking" happen right before my eyes at the Social Media & Community 2.0 Strategies conference. Of course listening to everything with the filter of my own mind, with my own thoughts of what was coming... The slow collision of our physical and digital realities. But something struck a chord this week... Something a bit groundbreaking... Not only is our digital and physical worlds colliding, but our entire world as we know it is converging in on itself. With uprisings in the Middle East being spawned and coordinated by the use of Facebook, to the massive response during this devastating time in Japan, to the amazing support Best Buy provides using Twitter, to the shift in product development using insights garnered through real time conversations and engagements, the use of technology is becoming a driving force towards an integrated, interconnected world.

The world economy is slowly shifting towards a converged infrastructure of passion, transparency, and empowerment through the use of technology. This shift, affecting everything from education, government, business, philanthropy, personal lives, etc, will prove to be the biggest opportunity for greatness or decline to complete and utter failure in society as we know it.

Each use of technology needs to add value and support the various ecosystems in which we live. The education ecosystem must support business to ensure our society is creating a workforce that will continue to grow and prosper in the future. The business ecosystem must support the transparency of our social lives and values regarding sourcing, labor, wages, and propel the activation of the philanthropic ecosystem, which in turn provides the support to the world issues and matters needing the most attention. Using technology, we, together, can accomplish great feats.

Deciding to do so is the hardest step.