Solve First, Then Ship

The thing about technology is that it is not slowing down anytime soon. Acceleration and adoption are becoming an everyday occurrence. This excitement is leading to some amazing revolutions across many industries and we are seeing some great wins through connectedness and efficiency. As leaders in the space, we are constantly pushed to iterate and push the boundaries of what we can do with technology. However, this speed is creating a "ship now, we'll find a reason later" mentality is building a sense of ubiquity and clutter in our minds eye whereas we should be flipping the ship process upside down to create a solution based function. The "ship now" movement pushes out product with no rhyme or reason, with each new startup wanting to be the new shiny object that's talked about in all the industry publications and blogs, however the product has little to no true value in the increasingly connected world economy.

To Flip the Funnel we dig deep into the economic ecosystem to identify and intimately understand root causes to problems, issues, or concerns then utilize technology to solve these issues. This viewpoint creates a deeper understanding of the economy as a whole and provides value in the products we ship.

To all the startups and wannabe startups, let's start this shift and create towards global solutions. Let's fight to understand major issues, then develop to solve. Instead of fame, let's fix infrastructures. Together, with technology, we can change the world.