Brand Shift

Over the past decade, the business world has been coming to an impasse. An impasse that emulates a perfect storm of many offsetting factors:

  • Defection of consumers is at an all-time high. Defections are caused by increased communications from new channels, real time offers, and new shiny startups saturating the market.
  • Consumerism is pushing for transparency and authenticity in corporate brands.
  • High energy costs coupled with the economic recession is causing falling profits across the board dropping ad spend and forcing more targeted approaches to outreach.
  • A shift in preference from manufactured goods to local and organically sourced materials.

That's only scratching the surface of the business climate today. It's time for a Shift // a shift in how we approach what a brand is. Not more "If you advertise they will come." It's time we engage our constituency and connect on a deeper level than products, features, or benefits. It's time we have purpose, ideals, and passion with our brand; ideas that align with our sub-culture community, passions that are shared throughout our communications and engagements.

As we move into the future, brand loyalty, advocacy and passion will drive success and results. Not one-off advertising, but true relationships and engagements which develop the word of mouth that is so powerful in the marketplace. The Brand Shift model is sustainable... what we're doing now is not.

What are you doing to prepare?