Personal Marketing Communications: The Norm?

In a recent article, AdAge discusses the use of "special personal relationships" with consumers as advertising fodder for several brands. The idea of using singular relationships with consumers as messaging is a great idea from the outside looking in, but aren't we setting a standard that companies have yet to practice? Shouldn't I, as a special consumer, expect the same, if not better, treatment with my experience with a particular brand? This communication sets a precedent of a certain level of expectation... One that many companies can't or won't strive to meet. Now don't get me wrong, I believe this is the direction that brands should travel. I wholeheartedly believe that the future of marketing isn't marketing at all, but a combination of strong relationship building with awe-inspiring experiences built in. With that said, I'm not sure we're quite there as brands (or as consumers for that matter).

As these expectations rise, I challenge all marketers to strive to achieve what we are communicating... Personal experiences with each of our consumers.