Scale Through the Individual

I always find myself asking myself the question, "How will this scale?" It's a standard mental state for all of us in marketing... not every great idea will scale to hit the masses. But there have been some interesting trends over the past couple years with how to leverage data an different platforms to shift the mentality of "scale." What does it mean now? Sure you can spend your way to scale, but is that meaningful? You can make a "viral" video, but it may not communicate your brand accordingly. So how do we get scale when our world is continuously fragmenting? 

Instead of using mass approaches to drive scale, we must affect a specific niche or individual, only at scale. In the New Normal and with data enabled targeting and interactions, we have an opportunity to add value and become individually, culturally relevant in the lifestyles of our consumers based on the understanding in we have on their personal interests or the segments they belong to. A completely new approach to communications planning. This creative thinking provides opportunities to leverage the sharing and entertaining nature of the New Normal. The groundswell that quickly happens as a result of this level of relevance, intimacy, inspiration and humanity can quickly surpass the reach and power of any mass advertising channel.

It’s a combination of individual, value added, algorithmically automated brand-consumer relationships, while developing a communications organization that keeps the human element of deeply understanding and interacting with individuals on their terms.

That loaded statement that sounds easier than it is. However, it's a complete mental shift for our organizations, as the brand now belongs to our consumers, not us. This approach gives us the responsibility to respectfully support and evolve individual relationships at scale. The strategic and respectful use of data and technology can be used to build and capture relationships, and drive predictive, valuable interactions that will drive the scale needed to succeed. 

This is how we will answer the "How will this scale?" question in the future. No longer will it be a simple media plan, but a combined coordination of segmentation and the activation of individual relationships.