Shift // Transformation


We are at a moment that defines our generation of marketers. A moment that is a vast transformation from where we’ve been. A moment where we go from mass to personal. A moment where business can shift life, empower individuals, replenish ecosystems once lost, support evolution and innovation, and drive the world towards a positive collective function and intelligence. A moment where we are held accountable and given responsibility to add value. A moment that our customers have already eclipsed.

Too long have we had the luxury of building adequate products with less than ideal business practices only surviving through the mass media attack of advertising. We now have the power, the opportunity, and the support of consumers to turn everything around towards collective success. We have to become companies that align with human behaviors and needs, to act on the collective, to feel, empathize and elevate the human expectations through business practices, sourcing, communications, and positive interactions with each individual we may serve. Your customers are waiting; waiting for you to step up; waiting for you to succeed. You can make a difference for your business and your world.

Digital technologies, consumer and company data, and our interconnected world have started this transformation, and we're only at the beginning. As more people, products, and things become connected, the more we as companies and brands need to become part of the ether, to become omniscient. We must cater to transparency and real time sentiment. We must add value and stand for something. We must simplify, while eliminating complexity. This is the beginning of a long journey. The first step is acceptance and understanding. The next is having and open mind and empowerment.