What Questions Stand in Your Way?

What would you do if you could start from the ground up? What if you didn't have legacy systems and processes to deal with? Would you have the wherewithal to build the next Uber or AirBnb? Would you drastically change your business model? Would you make better holistic, conscious decisions about your supply chain? 

Why do we let these silos, systems, and processes get in our way? Why not break down the silos? Why not start over; with all the knowledge you and your company has? Why not create a corporate mandate to pivot and turn upside down? Why not become a better corporate citizen? Why not let the consumer in to collaborate? 

If you’re looking back, you’re reaching. If you’re looking at the present, you’re fearful. If you’re looking at tomorrow with today colored lenses, you’re lost.

In the New Normal, you can only make changes once our only question is "Wouldn't it be cool if...?"