Actionable Vision: Conquer Your Mind

Conquer your mind and Conquer the World.
- Guru Nanak Dev Ji

I've been thinking a lot lately about vision. Both personally and professionally. As a self proclaimed self help nut, I'm continuously challenging myself and my thoughts for the future which trickle back to the now. 

I feel the idea of vision has always been an implied direction based on where we've been. An aspirational state that provides a vague sandbox to play in. Something like "Be World-Class in everything we do," or "Solve our commuting problems of all customers." Something that sounds like a worthy cause, but it really tactical or actionable at the day-to-day level. Which is why I've always felt a bit disoriented as it relates to making short- and mid-term decisions. There was nothing too pointed to measure my decisions against.

However, the influx of decisions to be made and the changing environment in which we live, we have to be extremely focused on what it is we, as individuals and companies, are trying to solve for. Never before in the history of humankind has our time (life) been so inundated with information, opportunity, or waste. Being connected literally at the hip to anything in the world at a tap's notice, we have become prisoners in reactionary decision making hoping that we are solving for our vague vision of ourselves or our companies. This isn't really an issue of the lack of time or really the connectivity to information. It's a lack of confidence in where we're going to know when to say yes, when to say no, when to lean in, and when to act.

So back to the idea of vision. What if our vision was more definitive? What if we had a definitive heading that was tactical and actionable, while still maintaining the aspirational nature of what a vision should be? Wouldn't it be amazing to have an underlying sense of confidence with each decision that you make?

Of course, getting to this seemingly simple exercise and finding that confidence is hard work. Over the next few months, I'm going to outline a couple things you can do to not only guide you to your own personal, actionable vision, but also help you navigate the waters to do the same for your organization. After all, companies are all filled with humans just like you and me, trying to figure out the same questions.

Over the course of the next couple months we'll go though some thoughts on:

  • Identifying your "purpose" or intuition. This will go a long way in the journey to vision and daily action
  • Understanding the values that you should filter your reality with to preserve your intuition while preparing for defining your vision
  • Defining your vision and where you and your company should go
  • Approaching an implementation plan to put the vision in place
  • Finally, we'll discuss how to take action 

These thoughts will be based off of my own research and personal experiences that I've had throughout my career and life; a journey that I am still on. 

Feel free to follow along; ask questions, challenge me, help each other.

Paul MiserComment