CONNECTIVITY: Questions I’m Trying to Solve.


The idea and promise of the Internet of Things gets the geek hairs to standup on the back of my neck. The possibilities could be endless! My home could know that my car is pulling down the street which could trigger a multitude of events, my garage door to open, my house to unlock, the temperature of my home to be perfect based on my core temperature being read from my smart watch. It could then know my stress levels and prepare my favorite drink and play the most appropriate music to be ready when I walk in the door.

A seamless life, all of which could be possible in the near future, but HUGE obstacles stand in the way. The passage of data, the connectivity of devices, the efficacy of signal strength, the algorithms needed to act and react… all of which is falls under the idea of “Connectivity.”

The idea of connectivity, from a consumer’s perspective, is that it should just work. The scenario above should be able to happen today if I need it. I buy all these gadgets with a dream of decisions and actions happening for me. It’s a dream we all share. However, as we all know, the application of this is far from simple.

As I go to conferences, read articles, and have heated debates with colleagues, I keep hearing about the promise and not the application of Connectivity.

I sure as hell don’t have all the answers or pretend that I do, but I do have a lot of questions, that I think we, as an industry, need to solve or we are failing consumers and mankind. There is a layer of greed and control that will inevitably rear it’s ugly head, but I think there is tremendous power of collaboration, if we all try to solve the questions together.


What is the role of Brand X in the new world of IoT?

As we all learned from the social media craze back in 2006, not all companies or brands have a role in emerging technologies. But some do and some change their business models to create a role to much success. But as IoT permeates throughout our day to day lives and begins to automate decisions that once was solved for by a company, product or brand, what role does Brand X have in that passive transaction?

Should brands create open or closed ecosystems?

If open, how do other brands integrate?

If closed, how does Brand X solve for the adjacencies that will inevitably arise in the different use case scenarios?

Really three questions in one… Take a look at Google, Apple, Samsung, all of them are creating their own ecosystems, some more open than others, meaning that the normal consumer has to engage with and utilize multiple ecosystems throughout a single day. If these walled gardens continue, the actual consumer experience will falter. I, as a consumer, want one ecosystem to form around my life, not the other way around.

What about a common login?

Probably a part of the question above, but there will become a huge need for a common login across all devices and smart products in our lives to ensure our individual data is accessible, correct, and utilized correctly for connectivity to be beneficial for the consumer.

How will advertising work?

Ok… I work in advertising and I wonder what the world will be like post screen. We, as a culture, are at screen time capacity and the dream / promise of the IoT is that the transactions and decisions we actively make on screens now will disappear. And as advertisers, we like to “disrupt” at time of transaction… So where does advertising come into play? Or is it doomed?

What does the new company and organizational structure need to become to embrace this new world?

As connectivity solves for some challenges that were once done through a manual transaction, new opportunities will arise. The need for rapid response and access will be crucial. There will need to be enhanced security measures to product data as it’s passed from device to device. There will need to be strategic partnerships across multiple companies to ensure open systems can react to one another… Massive shifts in corporations. 

What role does Artificial Intelligence (AI) play for Brand X in this new world of IoT?

What about Hal? As the neural network becomes more effective and efficient at predicting and resolving problems there will need to be inclusion of AI throughout a particular ecosystem. Not to mention AI persona development is upon us, so how does the ecosystem need to act? 

So many questions, so little answers. What are your thoughts? What questions around Connectivity are you trying to solve?

Paul MiserComment